Model: 563730
1953-59 GM; Metering Valve Nut; Power Brake Compensating Valve; For Models With Bendix BrakesBendix power brake master cylinder metering valve nut (also known as relay valve fitting or hydraulic cylinder compensating valve) for an array of GM models equipped with Bendix power brakes. This is the f..
19,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:19,99 $
Model: A6070
1964-73 Ford Mustang OE Style Disc / Drum Proportioning ValveAll new early 70s Ford style proportioning valve. This is a reproduction of the valve found on early 70s Mustangs and is very useful when converting older vehicle to front disc brakes.Ford 300 1963-1963 1963 Ford Anglia 1960-1968 19..
67,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:67,99 $
Model: 2B091C
1965-93; Mustang; Disc front Drum rear; Proportioning ValveThis universal brake proportioning valve kit is designed to replace a missing or damaged factory proportioning valve on Mustangs with disc front & drum rear brakes (dual reservoir M/C). The kit includes a pressure differential switch that ..
150,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:150,99 $
Model: 2B091B
1967-69 Ford/Mercury; Disc Brake Pressure Control ValveReproduction Front Disc Brake Pressure Control Valve for various Ford and Mercury Models including Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane, and Falcon. Each valve is manufactured to the exact specifications as the original only without the ID stampings. Rep..
89,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:89,99 $
Model: F68691
1967-69 GM Cars Front Disc / Rear Drum Brake Metering ValveThe metering valve prevents the front brakes from locking up before the rear brakes have had a chance to activate. A bad metering valve can cause severe nose-diving during braking and excessive front brake pad wear. This all-new, cosmetica..
58,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:58,99 $
Model: PV05
1967-69 GM F and X Body Brake Distribution Block OnlyThe distribution block is a vital safety feature that is important to have working, although we hope you'll never need it. This reproduction 1967-69 distribution block set is a valve that bolts below the master cylinder. If there is ever a loss ..
96,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:96,99 $
Model: MD2274
1967-71 Mopar A/B/E-Body Proportioning ValveUtilized in conjunction with the distribution valve on vehicles with front disc and rear drum brakes, this exact replacement proportioning valve was designed to prevent rear wheel lockup during sudden braking by limiting pressure to the rear brakes. Fi t..
91,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:91,99 $
Model: G5422
91-92 Modulator ValveBuick Roadmaster 1991-1994 1991 1992 1993 1994 Chevrolet Caprice 1991-1994 1991 1992 1993 1994 Chevrolet Impala 1994-1994 1994 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser 1991-1992 1991 1992..
2.078,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:2.078,99 $
Model: PB1109
Adjustable Brake Combination Valve; Universal BlackUniversal adjustable combination valve. Features a rotary adjustment to regulate brake pressure. Includes five stainless steel fittings for 3/8" brake line, brake light switch, and wiring pigtail. Features: Rotary adjustment to regulate pressure ..
78,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:78,99 $
Model: APV
Adjustable Proportioning ValveAdjustable proportioning valve makes it easy to control and maintain front to rear brake balance. A driver can compensate for changing fuel loads by simply turning the dial. This valve has an adjustment range of 100 to1000 PSI. Excellent for use on race cars or high p..
104,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:104,99 $
Model: APVDB
Adjustable Proportioning Valve with Brake Light SwitchThe PROP-BLOCK is a precision-machined combination distribution block and adjustable proportioning valve in one. The valve connects to the master cylinder and distributes brake fluid to all four wheels, while the adjustable proportioning valve ..
104,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:104,99 $
Model: 6801244
Baer Brakes Gray Anodized Adjustable Proportioning Valve BracketBaer Brakes billet bracket for the bottom of Baer Remaster master cylinder assemblies to mount adjustable proportioning valve. Includes: Mounting Bracket Mounting HardwareBuick Regal 1978-1987 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 19..
27,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:27,99 $
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