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Model: 3M-8056
3M Auto Bedding and Glazing CompoundUsed when installing watershields in your door panel area. This is a firm setting product for sealing interior or exterior joints. It adheres well to clean, bare metal, primed metal and painted surfaces. It skins over quickly and can be painted in about 30 minut..
21,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:21,99 $
Model: 08609
3M® "Super Fast" Black Urethane Windshield AdhesiveRapid-curing adhesive/sealant intended for all flush-mounted and bonded windshield or back glass replacements. 10 fl. oz. cartridge...
32,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:32,99 $
Model: 08001
3M® Super Weatherstrip Adhesive - YellowThis yellow colored adhesive is used for bonding and sealing weatherstripping to trunk and doors. It is also an excellent general purpose adhesive which is: Fast drying Waterproof Flexible (rubbery) Resists oil, grease and solvents Sold in 5oz tube. Note: 48..
13,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:13,99 $
Model: DE050490
DEI Boom Mat Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive - Net Weight 13.3 oz.DEI Boom Mat Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive provides high strenght adhesion that bonds a wide variety of DEI Boom Mat Products. Ideal for the installation of DEI Heat Screen, D-Mat, Under Carpet, and UC Lite...
17,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:17,99 $
Model: JB8237
J-B Weld PlasticWeld (2 oz)J-B Weld PlasticWeld will repair and rebuild any rigid or semi-flexible plastic including ABS, PVC and CPVC. Rebuild automotive trim, fiberglass parts and vinyl siding. Bonds instantly with superior strength and does not shrink or pull away. Sets in 20 minutes. Cure colo..
7,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:7,99 $
Model: S81787
Quick Set Auto EpoxyWhen it comes to making sure those small moldings, ornaments, emblems, knobs, etc. will stay where you want, the Quick Set Epoxy will do the trick! Fast curing, non shrinking, colorless epoxy in a convenient 2 part dispensing syringe. Bonds most rigid materials. Resists most so..
5,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:5,99 $
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