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Model: K863C
1967-68 Camaro, Firebird; Vinyl Top Molding Hardware SetReproduction of the original vinyl top installation hardware designed for use on 1967-68 Camaro and 1967-69 Firebird models. Install your vinyl top moldings correctly with this complete hardware set that includes all of the fasteners and reta..
25,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:25,99 $
Model: MB281024
1968-70 Charger Vinyl Top Molding Set - 4 PiecesReproduction vinyl top moldings for 1968-70 Charger models. Features reinforced mounting studs and correct chrome plating. These moldings mount on the inner and outer side of the sail panel and run from the lower back window and quarter window to the..
362,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:362,99 $
Model: 14389
1968-74 Chevy II / Nova Vinyl Top Moldings - PairReproduction of the vinyl top moldings designed for 1968-74 Chevy II and Nova models. This set of moldings replaces the center moldings and the die cast chrome corner sections. Each molding is manufactured in quality polished stainless steel and fea..
170,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:170,99 $
Model: K653C
1969 Camaro; Vinyl Top Molding Clip Kit; 36 Piece SetReproduction of the original vinyl top molding clip set designed for use on 1969 Camaros that included a factory vinyl top. Each set includes all of the fasteners and retainers required to install a set of vinyl top moldings. Install your vinyl ..
20,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:20,99 $
Model: MB281037
1971-74 Dodge Charger; Vinyl Top Molding Set; PairRepoduction of the original vinyl top moldings designed for use with 1971-74 Dodge Charger models. Vinyl top moldings are manufactured in quality die-cast zinc and chrome plated offering an authentic appearance. This molding set is for use with all..
104,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:104,99 $
Model: 78617
3M Heavy Duty 20 Spray Adhesive3M Heavy-Duty 20 Spray Adhesive forms a powerful, permanent bond to wood, laminate, metal, plastic and more. Simply spray the adhesive on one or both surfaces, wait 15 seconds to 30 minutes, and press surfaces together to form a tight bond. This strong and versatile ..
18,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:18,99 $
Model: K89521
Ice Super Shine Dressing; High Gloss; 32 Oz. Spray Bottle; One QuartIce Super Shine Dressing is a thick silicone rich dressing that leaves a super high gloss, long lasting shine on tires, rubber molding, vinyl, and plastic. For the detailer who demands the very best in appearance and weather prote..
29,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:29,99 $
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