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Model: TF401255
1955-56 Chevy Windshield Wiper Switch AssemblyReproduction windshield wiper switch assembly for 1955-56 Chevrolet models. Manufactured to factory specifications and includes the stainless steel cable and sheath. Note: Cannot be used on a 1955 passenger car with original windshield washer kit.Che..
109,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:109,99 $
Model: MM8272
1962-74 Mopar 3 Piece Wiper Motor Mounting Nut SetThis 1/4"-20 Keps Nut with attached loose conical washer is sold as a set of three. The mounting nut set is used to install the windshield wiper motor in various Chrysler automobiles (Dodge and Plymouth) from 1962-1974.Chrysler 300 1962-1971 196..
3,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:3,99 $
Model: 4910180
1963-88 GM; Windshield Wiper Motor Grommet SetReproduction of the original wiper motor grommets designed for use on various 1963-88 GM models. Each grommet is a replication of the original manufactured with hard rubber and an original type steel sleeve built directly into the grommet. The grommets..
12,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:12,99 $
Model: 17A553BR
1965-66 Ford Mustang; Windshield Wiper Switch; 1-SpeedReproduction of the original windshield wiper switch designed for use on 1965-1966 Mustangs. This all new switch is for use on Mustangs with 1-speed windshield wipers. This 1-speed wiper switch comes complete with a washer and fits directly in ..
36,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:36,99 $
Model: MD600326
1966-76 Dodge, Plymouth A, B, E-Body; Wiper Motor To Cowl Gasket; with 2 Speed Motors;Reproduction of the original style wiper motor gasket designed for use with various 1966-76 Dodge and Plymouth models with 2 speed motors. Includes correct thickness and replaced the original gasket exactly. Dod..
3,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:3,99 $
Model: J1072
1967-72 Chevrolet/GMC Pickup Wiper Motor Firewall SealReproduction wiper motor mounting gasket is used to mount the wiper motor to the firewall.Chevrolet Truck 1967-1972 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 GMC Truck 1967-1972 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972..
5,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:5,99 $
Model: 17A553DR
1969 Ford Mustang; Windshield Wiper Switch; 2-SpeedReproduction of the original windshield wiper switch designed for use on 1969 Mustangs. This switch is for use on Mustangs with 2-speed 7 terminal windshield wipers. This 2-speed wiper switch fits directly in the same location as the original. Rep..
38,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:38,99 $
Model: A14290N
1970-97 Ford / Mercury; Connector; TFI 6-Wire Ignition Control Module; Mustang, Bronco, F-150EEC-IV TFI ignition control module 6-pin connector for various 1983-97 Ford and Mercury models including Mustang, Bronco, and F-Series trucks. This OEM style 6-wire pigtail will plug directly onto the OE-s..
14,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:14,99 $
Model: CA180
Wiper Motor To Firewall SealCircular seal which fits between motor and firewall which prevents water from entering through the firewall area. This is a small gasket that can keep your interior free from water which can ruin your carpet and rust your floor panels.Chevrolet Camaro 1967-1969 1967 ..
3,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:3,99 $
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