Model: 14826
1947-66 Chevrolet, GMC; Horn Contact PinReproduction of the original horn contact pin designed for use with various 1947-66 General Motors models. This spring loaded pin mounts inside the steering wheel and makes contact with the contact plate when the horn button is pressed. A commonly broken con..
6,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:6,99 $
Model: TR14308A
1948-55 Ford F-Series Truck; Horn Wire; With Special Washer And End PieceReproduction of the original horn wire with washer and end piece designed for use with for 1948-55 F1, F2, F3, F4, F100, F250, F350 pickup truck models. This horn wire is designed to replicate the original in order to get a f..
12,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:12,99 $
Model: 35189
1955-56 Bel Air, 150, 210, Nomad; Horn Assemblies; Hi and Lo Note; PairQuality OER® reproduction horns for 1955-56 models. These exact reproductions feature the correct "swirl" shaped housings with the correct "Delco-Remy" markings in the original font. Includes installation hardware and the corre..
164,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:164,99 $
Model: G8817
1955-97 Delco Horn Unit Low Note - FThis is a GM service replacement horn for use on 1955-1996 models. This horn mounts on either the radiator support or the hood lock catch support, depedning on year and model. May differ cosmetically from the original but will fit and function as original.Buic..
67,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:67,99 $
Model: 35190
1957 Bel Air, 150, 210, Nomad, Del Ray; Horn Assembly; with Factory Markings; Hi and Lo Note; PairReproduction of the original horns designed to replace non working originals. These supurb reproductions are manufactured to exact dimensions and ready to install. Features the correct "Delco-Remy" wo..
164,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:164,99 $
Model: WE220
1957-02 Chrysler/Ford/GM; 3-Prong Connector and Pigtail; Multipurpose; Horn Relay / AC Blower RelayWiring is often overlooked as being the cause of malfunctioning equipment. If your connector hhas gone bad, then this replacement plug may be the solution. Replace the corroded, cracked, broken or mi..
5,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:5,99 $
Model: 13853A
1958-72; Horn Relay; 20 Amp; 12-Volt; 3-TerminalReproduction 12 volt, 20 amp, 3-terminal relay used for horn and various other uses. Fits a variety of vehicle makes and models including Edsel, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Studebaker. Replaces OE part #'s FFD-13853-A, B8A-13853-A, C3A-13853-A, C3AZ-1..
30,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:30,99 $
Model: G8692
1958-96 Delco Horn Unit High Note - AThis is a GM service replacement horn for use on 1955-1996 models. This horn mounts on either the radiator support or the hood lock catch support, depedning on year and model. This is the high note horn. Note:This is a GM service replacement part, which may dif..
78,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:78,99 $
Model: 13853
1958-96 Ford/Mercury; Horn Relay; Cruise Control; 12 Volt; 30 Amp; 3-TerminalReproduction horn relay assembly for various 1958-96 Ford and Mercury models including early Mustang, Falcon, Comet and F-Series trucks. This 12V relay features a metal housing an three spade terminals for a direct fit in..
14,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:14,99 $
Model: 35198
1958-96 GM; Horn Assembly; with Universal Mount Brackets; Delco-Remy Markings; GM LicensedQuality reproduction of the original horn assembly designed for use with various 1958-96 Buick, Chevrolet, and Pontiac models. Each horn is manufactured to factory specifications replicaing the original in qu..
172,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:172,99 $
Model: 122007
1960-1965 Horn Mounting Bolt Set, “WB” headmark, 5/16-18 x 1"Correct reproduction horn mounting bolts used on most GM vehicles from 1960-1965. Features “WB” headmark, 5/16-18 x 1". Includes external tooth star washers and 2 bolts. GM Full Size passenger car applications: 1960-1965 Chevy II/Nova ap..
5,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:5,99 $
Model: HK850
1960-68 Ford; Horn Ring Retainer Screw SetReproduction of the original style Mustang horn ring retainer screws used to mount the plastic retainer ring to the horn assembly. These screws are designed and manufactured to replicated the original in appearance and design. Includes 3 horn ring retainer..
3,99 $
Vergiler Hariç:3,99 $
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